Rights & Responsibilities

Your Rights

As a client of the Neighbourhood Centre you have the right to;

· Be treated with respect, dignity and consideration.

· Be safe and feel safe.

· A professional service.

· Be informed about what services are available.

· Be assessed to receive services without discrimination.

· Choose what service you will receive.

· Refuse assessment or service.

· Have your philosophy and values respected.

· Have a support person present when you access our services.

· Express your views and ideas, make comments, or complain.

· Confidentiality and respect for your privacy.

· Have access to your own records following established procedure.

Your Responsibilities

As a client of the Neighbourhood Centre you have a responsibility to;

· Respect the right of our staff to work in an environment that is free from harassment, and the right of other clients to access our services safely

· Provide all the relevant information to enable staff to provide assistance required

· Accept the results of any decisions you make

· Be an active participant in the service or program you are accessing

· Keep appointments and tell us beforehand if unable to do so

Our Rights

In providing service to you, we have the right to;

· Expect you to provide us with the information necessary for us to assist you

· Expect you to take responsibility for the consequences of any decisions you make

· Expect your participation and contribution to the service or program you have accessed

· Expect you to let us know when you cannot attend a pre-arranged appointment.

Our Responsibilities

Staff and Volunteers of the Neighbourhood Centre have a responsibility to;

· Honour you as a person, and treat you with courtesy and consideration

· Provide a safe environment for you when you access our services

· Ensure that all workers are well trained and work in accordance with our mission, vision and values

· Provide you with accurate information about our services and programs

· Offer the services we are funded to deliver without discrimination

· Respect the decisions you make, including your decision to refuse some services

· Respect your philosophy and values, even when these differ from those of the Centre.

· Work cooperatively with you and your support person in the provision of services.

· Ensure that you are aware of our complaints procedure, and have access to relevant forms and assistance if you want to lodge a complaint or provide feedback on the service you receive.

· Follow strict procedures to ensure your confidentiality and privacy, except where these rights may be overridden by legal or safety considerations.

· Provide you with information about how to access your records, and the circumstances in which access may be refused