For parents who are interested in:

Improving Behaviour Management

Increasing Effective Communication

Learn about Attachment & Boundaries

Learn how children develop & learn through play

Self care

Money management

UNDENIABLY, parenting is hard work. But holding back discipline when it is warranted makes the task even harder, because without discipline children continue to be unruly, which exhausts parents and parents give inconsistent direction, which confuses the children. On the other hand, loving, balanced discipline can train a child's thinking and shape their character. It helps the child feel secure as they grow to responsible adulthood.

We offer parents help and reassurance so that they can maintain confidence, be consistent, reasonable and loving and not rely on how they were parented.

This course provides a caring, non-judgemental environment in which to learn these new skills.

It deals with the pressures and responsibilities of being a parent and aims to help deal with some of your concerns.

What will be covered during the course

Effective communication within the family

Explore boundaries and attachment

Increase knowledge and skills in managing your money

Improve behaviour management skills

Family of origin

Participate in supportive group activities

Learn to look after yourself

When & Where

2024 Dates

12th July – 16th August

4th October – 8th November


10:00 am till 12:00 pm
On Fridays


This course is FREE


Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre