For Kids aged 7-12yrs

Cooking for Lifelong Learning

Bubbles Kids Cooking© is a 6 week early intervention and prevention program for children who are likely to be, or have been exposed to domestic or family violence.

The program uses the same model as "Dads On A Journey" (for men who have used violence as a means of control) which has been running successfully for 4 years.

Research tells us that children who have been exposed to domestic violence, often repeat these learned behaviours as it becomes "the norm", hence Bubbles Kids Cooking has been designed as an early intervention and prevention program offering a nurturing and supportive environment.

The therapeutic framework for this course is based on the theories of Vygotsky's socio cultural theory of human learning; whereby the environment in which children grow up will influence how they think and what they think about.

What will be covered during the course

The life skill of cooking nutritious economical meals.

Learning what a healthy family relationship looks like

Good anger versus bad anger

Separating the behaviour from the person

Being the best version of ourselves

What happens when we are scared and how that impacts our everyday life

When & Where

2024 Dates

15th October - 19th November

3.30 pm till 5.00 pm every Tuesday afternoon

$60 per term


Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre