Bursting Angry Bubbles


Kids 7-12 yrs

Cooking for Lifelong Learning

Bursting Angry Bubbles© is an innovative program that teaches children how to turn anger and negative emotions into positive outcomes.

The 6 week course aims to help children understand anger and negative emotions and to learn new skills in handling their behaviour. The first step in this program is to teach children that anger is normal but it is how to react that makes the big difference.

Teaching children that set backs and obstacles can make them stronger and more resilient. Resilience embraces the ability of a child to deal more effectively with stress and pressure, to cope with everyday challenges, to bounce back from adversity, trauma, to develop clear and realistic goals, to solve problems to relate comfortably with others, and to treat oneself with respect.

Children often respond with anger because they feel helpless, lonely, embarrassed, isolated, anxious or hurt. Anger can also be a reaction to frustration.

What will be covered

What is anger?

Why do I get angry? (cause and awareness)

Looking for solutions and problem solving

Practicing change and using new tools with confidence.

Respect/empowerment and inner peace.

When & Where

2024 Dates
9th July - 13th August

3:30 pm till 5:00 pm every Tuesday afternoon

$60 per term


Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre
9 George Street Caboolture
or alternatively
please contact us for onsite school bookings