Financial Services

Our financial service programs can assist people who are experiencing financial hardship. We do this by:

addressing issues such as credit card debt, rent and utility arrears, loan defaults and phone contracts
negotiating with creditors and lenders
establishing financial stability and future savings plans
access to FREE financial counselling services
referring to other services such as family violence and mental health services
Queenslanders are tough. But circumstances have been a lot tougher lately.

The Queensland Financial Resilience Program (QFRP) can help you build a bright financial future. QFRP is a tailored program to suit your needs.
Good Shepherd now offers a local service committed to providing support to individuals and families to engage with and improve their financial wellbeing and resilience.
Our Financial Resilience workers are available to you from the Caboolture Neighbourhood Centre.
This is a joint initiative between Good Shepherd and the Queensland Government.

What you get from accessing the free program:

Understand your finance, supporting you to:

  • Budget and prioritise expenses
  •  Identify financial risk
  • Negotiate with creditors
  • Know where to go for help.

Be more financially secure by accessing:

  • Financial services and support
  • Financial literacy and skills development
  • Affordable housing and health.

Better manage money through helping you:

  • Proactively manage and understand debt
  • Establish savings
  • Not borrow for daily expenses
  • Access no interest loans (NILs).

Develop strategies to gain financial freedom:

  • Absorb financial shocks
  • Meet your financial goals
  • Make choices that enable you to enjoy life.

You are eligible if you:

  • live in the Queensland region, and
  • want to discuss your financial wellbeing!
  • have experienced financial hardship before, or feel you are currently at risk.
  • are concerned about your situation due to the pandemic or a change in your circumstances.

What is a budget and why is it important?

Feeling empowered with your bills

Making better choices with debt

How can a Financial Capability Worker help you?

Please Contact:  07 5495 3818


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